Takeaway Normal Menu

Chicken Caesar Salad    £7.95                                                                                          

(grilled chicken, croutons and Parmesan cheese)

Seafood Chowder           £8.95

(mix seafood chowder with wheaten bread)

Fish Cake                            £8.95

(crispy fish cake, minted peas, black pepper mayo, handcut chips)

Thai Chilli Beef                    £9.95

(Thai style crispy beef with napa salad, coriander, sweet chilly dip, handcut chips.

Duck Spring Roll                      £8.95

(oriental duck spring roll, Asian salad hosin, soya dipping,sweet potato fries)

Chicken Hot wings                      £8.95

(breaded spicy chicken wings, mix sald, chilly mayo dip, handcut chips.

Grilled Chicken Fillet              £10.50

(grilled chicken fillet. Creamy mash, roasted veg with pepper sauce.

6oz Beef Burger         £8.95

(6oz home made Beef Burger toped with cheddar cheese, mix salad  BBQ sauce handcut chips.

8oz Sirlion Steak                  £14.95

(8oz sirloin steak cooked your choice of temperature, pepper sauce handcut chunky chips.

Slow cooked Beef               £13.95

(slow cooked chuck tender beef with champ roasted veg Redwine thyme sauce

Pan fried Salmon                £12.95

(pan fried salmon green veg mash and white wine sauce)

Thai Green curry-Veg/Chicken    £9.95/£10.95

(Thai green curry with basmati Rice

Chicken Chorizo Pasta       £10.95

(light tomato and cream herb sauce)

Vegetable Pasta       £9.95

(Roasted veg pasta with light creamy and tomato herb sauce)

Wild Mushroom Risotto     £9.95

(Creamy Mushroom Risotto topped with parmesan cheese and rocket)

 Sides : 

             Hand cut Chips     :      £3.50              Creamy Mash   : £3.00           

             Champ                    :      £3.50              House Salad      : £ 3.00

              Garlic Pototo        :      £3.50           Seasonal Roasted Veg   : £3.00

               Sweet Potato Fries :  £3.50


Sticky Toffee Pudding      £5.95

(with butterscotch sauce and vanilla cream)

Apple Rhubarb Crumble   £5.50

(Homemade Apple & Rhubarb crumble with Chantilly cream)

Lemon Tart                          £5.95

(with cream)

Chocolate and Caramel Duo    £5.95

(cocoa chocolate and caramel mousse with cream)